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The winery, winemaking and the aging of our Anjou wines

No one can say that there is a single method for producing wine. Vinification/winemaking is, in its definition, the transformation of grape must into wine by the partial or total fermentation of sugar. At this stage several techniques are associated. Winemaking methods are multiple and sometimes secret: the winemaker is for some a craftsman and for others an artist.


The development of Anjou red wines


Gamay and Cabernet grapes are de stemmed (separation of the stalk and bay) before being macerated for 5 to 15 days (maceration: vatting of the grape berry with its juice)

The vatting allows the extraction of the colour and tannins contained in the pulp and the grape skin.

After this maceration, the juice and must are pressed.

Anjou Gamay is aged in vats for 5 months and then bottled in March.

Anjou Rouge is aged in vats for 12 months and then bottled in September.

The Anjou Villages is racked in oak barrels and aged for 12 months.

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The production of dry white Anjou wines


White Chenin grapes are pressed immediately. The harvest is placed on a rack that takes them to be pressed.

Once pressed, the juices are decanted (natural sedimentation of the coarse particles found in the grape must) to obtain a clear juice.

The alcoholic fermentation (transformation of the sugar of the grapes into alcohol) takes place in vats for Anjou Blanc (white wine) and in oak barrels for Cheninsolite. The temperature is controlled by a thermoregulation system throughout this entire stage.

The Anjou Blanc is aged in vats for 5 months and then bottled in March.

Cheninsolite is aged in barrels for 11 months and then bottled in September.

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